Paul "Tantraviking" Bagge

Paul is an Ordained All-Faith Minister who provides sexuality coaching, counseling and healing with an emphasis on spirituality. Paul has been a practicing Sex & Intimacy Coach/Counselor for more than 20 years. He is an Usui Reiki Master and the creator/developer of his own energy healing modality known as  Sensual Healing Energetics©.

Paul is a nationally recognized expert in the fields of sexual energy healing, and the Ethics of sexual energy work. In 2010 Paul authored "Tantraviking Code Of Ethics For Sexual Energy Workers." It has been used as a base model for other such codes by governing organizations and individual practitioners as well.


All Testimonials are anonymous to ensure client confidentiality


    I have been seeing Paul for a few years now, on and off, and the work we do together never ceases to amaze me. It has changed my life in so many ways that I sometimes don't recognize myself. The work is deep and powerful but also gentle and reassuring. Paul has a silent strength that allows me to be vulnerable in our sessions which has healed emotional wounds that I thought could never healed, along with others that I was not even aware that I was struggling with. This type of therapy can be somewhat intimidating in concept, yet once you have experienced a session, those feelings are replaced with a new understanding of how important this style of work is. It has allowed me to let go of destructive and self sabotaging behaviors, and thought patterns that have been holding me back in both my personal and professional life. It has also helped me to define healthy relationships and learn how to set boundaries in my everyday life without feeling guilty. Paul's unique style of bodywork and his approach to therapy is something that I highly recommend, if you are looking to release past trauma and move into living the life you were born to live. Each sessions for me unlocked doors that I never imagined could be, and each breakethrough allowed me to reclaim parts of myself I had lost many years ago. I will always be greatful for Paul's devotion to his clients and his willingness to embrace this type of working in bringing women back into wholeness by allowing them to take their vulnerability and turn it into a vital life giving strength. I know that Paul and his work will not only continue to empower many women but also bring out the Divine Masculine in his male clients as well.. If you are looking to change your life or even enhance the one your living, then I encourage you to take that first step as I did. I promise it will change your life.


(testimonial given after checking in a couple days after a first session)

     Oh my goodness! Where to begin!

     Well first, physically I am doing wonderfully. Overall ... there is so much going on both emotiponally and spiritually, even physically. My energy levels have been through the roof. My creativity, drive and motivation are incredible.

     The delicious awareness of myself as a sexual being just as I walk through my everyday life is new to me. I have had friends describe this feeling but I never understood it or felt it. I have a deepening sense that the energy we are opening up is fueling and informing my path. It's no accident that this all happened as I am making huge changes in my life.  I am also just blown away by the strong sense of - I'm Okay. I am beautiful. I am strong. I'm a goddess, an angel, and a force of nature. I had used these words and phrases but before you Paul, I had never INHABITED them. It's really quite mind blowing frankly.

     My senses are so sharp and I don't mean just the 5 standard ones. ......... I am amazed at the space that you open and hold for me, and that this process is doing all this.

     Serously, ... Oh my goodness!


    Jamie is one of the most incredible women and healers I have ever met. Her passion and commitment to the work she does is evident in her demeanor and the soothing/nurturing energy that she exudes. From the very beginning of our sessions together I have felt that I am in a safe and open space to be open with my emotions and fears as well. As a man it is not always easy for me to let go of my emotions, but Jamie somehow seems to gently urge them out of the dark places I have been keeping them.

    Her soft touch of hand and amazing intuitive skills are a powerful combination that has allowed me to release what no longer served me and allowed me to move forward in my life. 

    I wholeheartedly recommend and encourage any man who has issues of the past or present revolving around sexuality to work with her. Her style of therapy and what she promotes from within you are truly transformative.


       I attended a women's sexuality workshop tonight lead by Paul & Jamie. They are professional, warm and welcoming, they are authentic healers. Paul & Jamie are extremeely knowledgable and educate in a respectful, open minded, gentle manner that made me feel comfortable and safe to discuss intimately personal issues and to ask any and every question I had. Paul & Jamie's combined experience and training, in addition to the professionals they collaborate with, provide dynamic courses for everyone from the simply curious, to beginners, to the well seasoned practititoners. I am so grateful for Paul & Jamie, for their generosity, and for opening their studio in my neighborhood.


 Paul "Tantraviking" Bagge