Sexual Abuse & Trauma

Healing, Counseling and Support

We have programs for both men & women


     The effects of sexual abuse reach a victim/survivor at their core, at the very essence of who they are. Some of the issues related to that abuse are, but are not limited to:

problems with relationships

self-esteem issues

confidence problems

feelings of insecurity and being unsafe

issues of sexuality

inability to feel loved

problems with "receiving"


We Can and Do Help

We have specialized for over 20 years issues revolving around sexual abuse/trauma. 

      Utilizing a wide array of expertise, specialties and modalities,

we are authorities in treating a client on a holistic level (Body, Mind & Soul).

     Our treatment plans and and modes of therapy are a combination of the ancient teachings of eastern medicine that work with body, spirit and energy, as well as more modern techniques that involve counseling for emotional healing.

     By working on this completely holistic level we are able to acheive amazing results in a much shorter time than traditional therapies that work only one aspect of the whole at a time.

A Free Initial Consultation is always the first step. A treatment plan designed specifically for individual need is then cultivated.


Both Paul and Jamie believe that no payment for any type of therapy or couseling should take place until all parties have agreed upon the intitial determinations and a beginning plan

is in place.