Do you lack confidence in sexual encounters or situations?

Are unsure of what truly turns you on, or what your sensual human body is capable of feeling?

Do you feel or know there is more to sex and sexuality than what you have been taught?

Do you feel like you for some reason hold back the expression of your true sexuality?

Do you feel or have you been made to feel ashamed for wanting to express your true desires?

Do you feel like your own sexual pleasure is less important than your lover's?

Do you feel like the the things that excite or arouse you are dirty or go against nature?

Is sex just something that you do but don't truly enjoy?


    If you answered yes to any of the above questions,

then you may be suffering from some form of repressed sexuality.

     For whatever reasons, religious upbringing, parental influences, culture and society, lack of truly informative sexual education, lack of attentive partners, sexual trauma, or something else, there is a very large percentage of people today that can identify as sexually represeed.

     The vast majority of women in this country have never experienced a vaginal orgasm. It was only about 10 or so years ago that so-called "modern" medicine finally decreed that the G-spot was not a myth. It has only been in the past year that science has recognized female ejaculation is also not a myth. 

     Knowledge is power. To truly know and experience what your human body is capable of feeling is a very beautiful and empowering thing.

     The human body is literally built for pleasure. ...... We have organs and tightly bundled concentrations of nerves that are there for that one specific thing.  The clitoris alone contains roughly 8,000 nerve endings the sole purpose of which is to transmit pleasure. We have glands that when stimulated release all kinds of feel-good chemicals make us feel ... oooohhhhhhhh so good!


                             We were born sensual beings and PLEASURE IS OUR BIRTHRIGHT


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