The moniker of "Tantraviking" was given to Paul  as a  reference to his work. Paul's geneology of being 1/2 Norwegian and 1/2 Italian has something to do with it as well. He believes that his Norwegian ancestory is what leads him to be Bold, Protective and Honorable, while the Italian is responsible for his Passion, Creative Nurtring and his overall Loving Nature.


 Paul "Tantraviking" Bagge has been a guest sexpert on numerous radio shows

Here are listings for a few of them


Multiple appearances on "Ready For Love Radio" with Nikki Leigh

Ready For Love Radio

"EROS Evolution" radio show with Dr. Martha Tara Lee

Raising Sexual Energy


Paul is also the author of the following CODE OF ETHICS

This was published in 2011 and has served as a base model for other such codes by 

governing organizations and practitioners alike.



* To be and remain grounded during the entire session.
* To make and provide the client/seeker with a healthy and safe environment.
* To be sure the client/seeker has a firm understanding of what will happen during the session.
* To always inform the client/seeker of any possible side effects of the session before it begins.
* To make sure the client/seeker understands they are able to stop the session at any time they feel uncomfortable with the work being done or do not understand what is being done.
* To realize that the work being done may result in the client/seeker being in an altered mental capacity, and to never take advantage of the situation.
* To always act in accordance with the client/seeker's best interest.
* To always keep the client/seekers mental, physical and spiritual health as guidlines during a session.
* To not change the scope of the session without client/seeker's consent at any time.
* To reserve the right to end the session, and act upon it, if ever the client/seeker's or my health or boundaries are about to become in jeopardy.
* To always, to the best of my ability, provide the client/seeker the services to which they are paying for.
* To provide the client/seeker with sufficient "Aftercare" ( The AFTERCARE of the client/seeker can be just as important as the session itself. Often the full effects of a session cannot be felt until days later.)
* To always try to teach and educate the client/seeker about their bodies and the processes  which brought them to a session.